• Thom Hindle Gallery

    The Keefe House was built in 1825 for Asa Tufts, owner of Tufts Apothecary. In 1847, his son Charles took over the shop as Asa…

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  • Hale House

    The third structure of the four-building campus is the John Parker Hale House. Built in 1813 by John Williams — the “captain of industry” who…

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  • Woodman House

    Built in 1818 as the residence of Charles and Annie Woodman, The Woodman House today is a unique example of an authentic 20th-century museum. It…

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  • Damm Garrison

    Before the Woodman Institute had even opened its doors, Mrs. Ellen P. Rounds presented the Institute trustees with an authentic colonial garrison, the William Damm…

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  1. Ronald Couture says

    Welcome Mr Tompson.
    My parents, Raoul and Lyle Couture served as curators at the museum for several years. They enjoyed their time there organizing school field trips, lectures, and greeting guests. I also worked there summers doing yard work, maintenance and painting. I also acted as a guide to visitors. You will find many gems and secrets at the museum.
    Enjoy your time here.

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