Audubon print

Audubon print

The Museum owns three original 19th century Audubon prints: this is the Pigeon Hawk. Come by and also see the Purple Grackle and the Frigate Pelican! John James Audubon (1785—1851), our young country’s dominant wildlife artist, traveled extensively and painted 435 watercolors depicting 1,065 bird species at full-size. His seminal “Birds of America” volumes were published between 1827—1838 and it’s estimated there are only 110 fully intact sets today. The last full set auctioned in New York City sold for $8.8 million. Audubon’s work, an archetype of wildlife illustration, set a standard against which all bird artists are measured, even to this day.

Location: W1/2, front stairwell on first landing (set of three prints)

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