Snowy owl

Snowy owl

This snowy owl, from the Museum’s bird exhibit, was taken in Dover during the 1921-22 winter. The largest North American owl species, it often visits our NH seacoast during the colder months. NH Audubon sighted one still at Rye Harbor on April 27 of this year! They are native to Arctic regions, but nomadic. Born light brown, males get whiter as they get older. Their main diet is lemmings, but they also eat rodents, seabirds, and even ducks and geese. They hunt diurnally at treeless or wide open spaces and can perch in the same spot for hours, listening and watching for prey. Global population of snowy owls is ca. 200,000, with 24% wintering in the U.S.

Location: W2, Natural History Gallery 2

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