93 Tavern Table

Tavern Table

This table belonged to the Tuttle family of Back River, Dover. It was in use before 1700. First generation ancestor John Tuttle came to Dover from England about 1633. This tavern-style table was passed down in the family, through five more generations, until it was owned by Dorothy Tuttle (b. 1811). Dolly, as she was known, was married to farmer Greenleaf Nute (1805-1882) and their son was also named Greenleaf (1830-1900). Mrs. Ellen Rounds, the Museum’s benefactress and collector of “precious mementos of ye olden times” bought this table at auction in 1904 when Greenleaf Nute’s property was sold. It now resides in the Damm Garrison’s kitchen.

Location: G1, kitchen

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