Treasure #38 Cobbler’s bench

Cobbler bench

Cobbler bench

This standing cobbler’s bench belonged to John T.G. Tuttle in 1750 and was later purchased for the Damm Garrison. It has 15 shoemaker’s awls and hammers, 7 molds or “lasts” which would be used to form the leather on the shoe, and a smaller, more traditional, “sitting” cobbler’s bench. On its left side is a strong vise called a “lasting jack” which would hold the shoe securely in place. Leather pieces were tacked to the sole then hammered into shape; heels were attached with wooden pegs. Finishing operations included paring, rasping, scraping, smoothing, sand-papering, blacking, and burnishing, withdrawing the lasts, and removing any pegs which may have pierced the inner sole.

Location: G1, kitchen

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