Treasure #45 Carousel horse Amanda

31 Amanda

31 Amanda

Meet Amanda, one of the carousel horses from Burgett Park (renamed Central Park) on the Dover-Somersworth line at Willand Pond. This 1890s 27-acre amusement park included a casino, dance hall, bandstand, restaurant, lawn tennis court, bicycling track, picnic area, baseball field, flying swings and merry-go-round, bowling alleys, penny arcade, roller skating rink, a 1600-seat open amphitheater, rental canoes, sailboats and rowboats, and even a bear den with two live bears. Dover’s electric trolleys terminated here until the railway closed in 1926. Some facilities were used through the early 1940s, but eventually most were torn down. Remnants of the bear pits can still be found on site.

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