Rollins portraits

Rollins portraits

These father-son portraits depict Edward H. Rollins (1824-1889) and Edward W. Rollins (1850-1929), both prosperous local businessmen. The elder Rollins served in the U.S. House and Senate, and founded several railroad companies and banks. A Concord resident most of the year, he summered in Dover at Three Rivers Farm, his ancestral home. His son, Edward Warren Rollins, was an MIT grad who headed the investment firm of E.H. Rollins & Sons in Boston. He was also a railroad engineer in Colorado and founder of the Denver Electric Light Company. He donated $81,000 in 1919 to construct a nurses’ home at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in memory of his late daughter-in-law Gladys A. Rollins. EW also built a summer camp for the Dover Children’s Home.
(H1&2, Father is on back wall, son upstairs in stairwell to third floor)

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