Hale tray and books

Hale tray and books

The Hale House at the Museum is the former home of Senator John Parker Hale (1806—1873) who served NH for two decades in the U.S. Congress. The home was built in 1813, but Hale purchased it in 1840. He was one of the first U.S. senators to make a stand against slavery. Hale was a leading member of the Free Soil Party and was its presidential nominee in 1852. He was a close friend of Abraham Lincoln, and Hale’s statue resides on the NH State House lawn in Concord. The house was sold by his daughter Lucy Hale Chandler to museum trustees in 1915. There are several exhibits of the Hales’ furniture, photographs, and memorabilia such as this silver tray still on display. (H1, Hale Alcove)

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