Mt. Washington model

Mt. Washington model

Maritime historian, model-maker, and optometrist Clyde L. Whitehouse (1889—1969) made this model of the famous Mount Washington paddle steamer which had cruised Lake Winnipesaukee since 1872. On the night of December 23, 1939, Clyde put the final, finishing details on this model then went to bed. The next morning’s headlines were “Steamer Burns at Weirs”!  The Mount had been totally destroyed while tied at the dock. Its hull was stuck in the muddy lake bottom and it couldn’t escape the flames coming from a nearby railway station. A new steamer was launched in 1941 and the newer model, built by Ronald Levesque in 1965, is also displayed at the Museum alongside this one.

Location: H1, Whitehouse alcove, above case 10

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