Early adv. signs

Early advertising signs remind us that visual symbols were necessary as many people were illiterate. Top left: Durham Arms Tavern, 1779—1840, operated by Dover native Capt. John Layn, sign by Samuel DeMeritt, a George Washington admirer who painted George’s likeness on the sign. No, Washington never visited! Top right: M. Folsom’s Livery Stable, also in Durham, date unknown.  Bottom left: 2’ high mortar and pestle hung outside William H. Vickery and Sons Apothecary Shop, Central Ave., Dover ca. 1867–1939. Bottom right: Taxidermy bear, stood in front of John T. W. Ham’s “Ham the Hatter” caps and furs shop (ca. 1859—1921) on Central Ave., offering a tray of trade cards.


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