Rare 1800's sampler

Rare 1800’s sampler

At the age of 14 Mary Wallingford stitched this 23” X 16” sampler in 1800 while a student at a highly regarded school for girls in Dover. Mary was the daughter of Rollinsford’s schoolmaster Amos Wallingford. Her teacher, renowned crewel artist Sophia Cushing Hayes Wyatt, also taught reading, writing, grammar, rhetoric, geography, drawing, and painting to her female students. There remain only 10 existing samplers attributed to Sophia’s tutelage and this is the only one at the Woodman Museum. Each is stitched with silk thread on olive green linsey-woolsey and uses Quaker motifs of pairs of birds, baskets of flowers, vines, and floral borders.

H2, mezzanine, above bench

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