Treasure #86 Portrait of Charles Woodman

Charles Woodman

Charles Woodman

Woodman portrait This elegant primitive portrait (painter unknown) depicts Charles Woodman (1792—1822), an 1813 Dartmouth graduate and wealthy Dover merchant who, in 1818, purchased a stately, Federal-style brick house from its builder, Capt. William Palmer, for $4,000. The Woodman House is now part of the Museum. A NH legislator and Speaker of the House, Woodman was a candidate for Congress when he died suddenly at age 30, leaving wife Dorothy and a 3-month old son. That son, also named Charles, grew up in this house and became treasurer of Strafford Savings Bank. After his first wife died in 1854, Charles (Jr.) married Annie Elizabeth Allen in 1856. Annie Woodman died in 1915, leaving $100,000 for the establishment of the Woodman Institute.

H2, Above left fireplace

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