Merry Mac

Merry Mac

On the second floor of the Museum’s carriage barn sits an unlikely occupant: a 13.5’ MerryMac wooden sailboat, crafted by well-known Dover boat builder Ned “Mac” McIntosh. Number 23 out of 200 built in the 1950s and 60s, the MerryMac is revered in the Piscataqua region for its genius design, born from Ned’s passion for sailing. He built them for both maneuverability and affordability: “the most boat I could get out of two 14’ sheets of plywood.” MerryMac owners founded the Great Bay Yacht Club in 1958 and still race them today. Modern manufacturers are today re-creating the MerryMac in fiberglass and wood, but this is an original, just like Ned himself who recently celebrated his 100th birthday!

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