Treasure #72 Fire Lantern

56 Fire engine lantern

56 Fire engine lantern

This lantern was mounted on Dover’s first steam fire engine, the Cocheco 2, which was built by the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company in 1865. The 3rd Class steamer’s harp frame engine powered a pump which fired water through a hose at high pressure. Cocheco 2 weighed 4000 pounds and was pulled by one horse. It was housed at Dover’s new Orchard Street Station (now the Chop House) and had 16 crew members and 1600 feet of hose. The steamer was used through at least 1920, then kept “in reserve” for a number of years thereafter. The lantern was donated by Frederick J. Gilpatrick (Dover Fire Chief 1964—1973) and the Dover Fire Department.

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