Treasure #88 Tall case clock

28 Tall case clock

28 Tall case clock

This tall case clock (7.5’) was made of cherry and birch, ca. 1810, by Abel Hutchins in Concord, NH. Its dial was painted in Boston and features cross-hatching and a fruit motif. It has an 8-day wind with calendar and a striking brass movement. The Hutchins brothers, Abel and Levi, opened their clock-making business in Concord in 1786, after a 3-year apprenticeship in Roxbury, MA. They worked in partnership for 21 years, until 1807, when Abel became sole proprietor. The shop burned down in 1817 and was rebuilt as the Phoenix Hotel in 1819, with Abel Hutchins as innkeeper. He retired in 1834 and died at age 90 in 1853.

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