Treasure #77 Andrew Peirce secretary

77 Peirce secretary

77 Peirce secretary

This cherry slant-front secretary desk belonged to Andrew Peirce, Dover’s first mayor in 1856. Peirce was born in 1785 and baptized by Dr. Jeremy Belknap. Besides his law career, he was also a captain of the militia, moderator of town meeting, town clerk, county clerk, representative to the NH House, Speaker of the House, State Senator, Governor’s Councilor, chairman of the General Lafayette visit committee, and member of the Constitutional Convention. Peirce was also Cashier and President of The Dover Bank, a Mason, deacon of the First Parish Congregational Church, director of the Winnipiseogee Canal Company, and founder of the Dover Navigation Company. He died (exhausted, no doubt!) in 1862.

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