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Artist Amanda Raynes Art Show in the Woodman Museum – Thom Hindle Gallery, 15 Summer Street. Postponed until Museum Opens

Amanda Raynes attended Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, graduated with a degree in drawing and painting from Laguna College of Art & Design and currently resides in Lee, New Hampshire. Pulling from her New England roots combined with her experience in the Western US, her art has elements that span both time and place.

Continually drawn to her family ancestry and the history of all that interests her, there are often references to old photos in her work – and the viewer is encouraged to create a narrative that is unique to them. Amanda has created a language of symbols and imagery that lend a graphic element to her more painterly style. When not creating art, Amanda is busy running her vintage shop, Nellie Baker Vintage – also adding to her love of history and creating a story for things of the past.

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Thom Hindle Gallery

The Keefe House was built in 1825 for Asa Tufts, owner of Tufts Apothecary. In 1847, his son Charles took over the shop as Asa became involved in banking and insurance until his death in 1884. The house was purchased in 1917 by F. Clyde Keefe, a local attorney and twice mayor from 1934-35 and again from 1942-47. The home remained in the Keefe family for three generations.

The Thom Hindle Gallery at the Woodman (formerly the Keefe House Gallery at the Woodman) is New Hampshire’s newest professional Fine Art gallery, is located in the beautifully preserved Victorian Era home at 15 Summer Street in Dover, NH. There is no admission charge to visit the Thom Hindle Gallery at the Woodman Museum.

Learn about the current exhibition on view at the Thom Hindle Gallery at the Woodman here.

The House is available for rental for small business meetings, retreats, or corporate events. The building is equipped with a serviceable kitchen, large dining area, open rooms and limited seating for lectures.  Rental costs range in price. For more information, contact [email protected].

Robert A. Whitehouse Library
Preserved in a controlled environment are more than 7,000 historical and genealogical documents, including a will dating back to 1741, city records from 1732-1800, 100-year old school records, and a 1771 tax bill from King George.

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