David P.

As a local I had driven past this museum many times and never stopped in…..until recently!  I literally wandered in, expecting the polar bear to be the highlight and go home…..was I wrong.

Three hours later, I left this experience with a much greater appreciation of local history.  I was exposed to an eclectic range of artifacts offering something for everyone.

This included an original garrison, fully outfitted, which took me back to the 1600s…..totally unexpected. As you stroll amongst 4 different buildings, expertly guided, you are not fighting your way through crowds or dragged along at someone else’s pace.

Plan on a morning or afternoon and if you are local, buy the more than reasonably priced family membership, to come back throughout the year; A great place to share with out of town guests. The Woodman is a professionally presented gem in our own backyard!