On View: Bill Oakes: The Art of Creativity

Bill_Oakes_John_Dean_May-1974_ink-on-acetate_15_in_x _14_in Bill_Oakes_Cynosure_2000_printer_ ink_ 48_in_ x_34_in

The work of New Hampshire author, educator,  illustrator, and painter Bill Oakes (1944-2005) is currently on view in Bill Oakes: The Art of Creativity  in the Keefe House Gallery at the Woodman. Bill is widely-known for his work as the courtroom artist for the Watergate hearings, the major political scandal of the early 1970s. The exhibition features works that illustrate the extraordinary diversity of Oakes’ art and creative ideas that span his extensive career, including drawings, paintings, published illustrations, prints, and photographs.  Learn more.
Images: Bill Oakes, John Dean, May 1974, ink on acetate, 15” x 14” and Bill Oakes, Cynosure, 2000, printer’s ink on paper, 48” x 34”

SOAKNH Rain Garden Presentation – Saturday, September 10, 2016, 1:30 p.m.

garden genericThis presentation from Laura Byergo from the Great Bay Stewards offers pointers on how to build a rain garden and choose plants that work well in rain gardens.  Fall is a good time to think about what you are doing in your yard to save water and protect the rivers and streams. Making sure rain on your property soaks into the ground instead of running off into a drain pipe, ditch, or down a hill helps restore ground water for summer dry spells, reduces erosion, and prevents runoff from carrying trash and other pollutants in the waterways.

Great BAy StewartsRain gardens are one beautiful way to manage rain water runoff and can even help the birds and bees. Throughout New Hampshire, neighbors are planting rain gardens, using rain barrels, planting trees, and finding other ways to “SOAK Up the Rain.” Learn about the  SOAK-Great Bay project and gain pointers on how to build a rain garden and plants that work well in rain gardens.

Historic Walking Tours – Saturdays 2016

20150530_142214 (2)Discover Dover, NH’s rich history told through stories of its settlers, industrialists, and merchant class while taking part in the 2016 Historic Walking Tours of the city. The tours offer participants an opportunity to explore the historic, social, cultural, and economic development of the area by choosing a physical location in which to explore – the downtown area;  historic homes and architecture; or the Pine Hill Cemetery.  Each tour runs for approximately 90-minutes, offering participants an opportunity to focus on a particular area of interest.

The 2016 Historic Walking Tours run through September, 2016.  The cost for each tour is $10 per person (includes one half-price admission pass to the Woodman Museum – valid during the 2016 season), $25 per family of four.  Reservations are suggested, but not required, and can be made by calling (603) 742 – 1038. Walking shoes and water bottles are recommended. For a complete schedule click here.

If you would like to become a volunteer tour guide for Dover’s 2016 Historic Walking Tours, please contact the Woodman Museum at (603)742-1038.



Night at the Woodman Museum IV: Voices from the Waterfront – October 8 & 9, 2016

This year, the Woodman Museum presents Night at the Woodman Museum IV: Voices from the Waterfront, along the Cochecho River waterfront in downtown Dover on October 8 & 9, 2016.

There will be 13 historical scenes presented during the tour and stories will be told about Dover’s  waterfront and “Landing” by historical characters that include a sea captain, mill workers, witnesses to the 1896 flood, local historians, and a President.

Volunteer cast members are needed. For more information, click here.

For information and pre-registration for tickets, call Wes LaFountain, executive director at  (603) 970.0227.


100 Years – 100 Objects – 100 Days: 4-Legged Chicken


chcikenAmong the extraordinarily diverse and eclectic artifacts at the Woodman Museum, this small four-legged chicken, strangely enough, is the iconic figure that many people say they remember most from their first visit. Perching stalwartly and steadfastly for decades in the natural history exhibit, this little chick has garnered perhaps the most attention of any object in the collection. Little is known about its polydactyl genetic mutation, but curators always point him out to visitors, explaining that if he fell backward, he’d pop right back up! We hope you’ve enjoyed this series highlighting 100 Treasures from the Museum and certainly hope you’ll visit to see them all (and at least 10,000 more)! Happy 100th Birthday, Woodman Museum!

This highlighted item from the collection is featured in conjunction with the Woodman Museum’s Centennial Celebration. Each day, for 100 days, Foster’s Daily Democrat spotlights one of the many treasures on view in the Museum. To see each day’s new item, visit the website devoted to this series. This project is made possible with support from Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller, and Durkin, PA (BBCRD); Dupont’s Service Center; and Tasker Funeral Service.

$45,000 Community Development Block Grant Received

WOODMAN front new sign_resizeThe Woodman Museum recently received a Community Development Block Grant of $45,000 from the City of Dover for its work on ADA compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act) across its four historic buildings.

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that public spaces are navigable by all audiences, including wheelchair accessible buildings and accommodations for these individuals. The Woodman Museum is making several efforts to make this possible across its campus, including the removal of barriers to each of the four houses (steps, steep grades and narrow walkways) and the building of ramps in accordance with federal guidelines. As a result, all audience members will have access to at least the first floor of all four Woodman buildings.

 Read more here.

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