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Beginning June 18, 2021 The Woodman Museum Museum Tours will no longer need to be pre-booked, you can simply just show up at the Woodman Museum entrance, 182 Central Ave. Dover, NH. Wednesday-Sunday 10am-4pm (last tour starts at 3pm).

As per CDC recommendations, Masks will no longer be required for vaccinated guests, but social distancing between separate groups is still strongly encouraged.

Call 603-742-1038 for more information.

Veterans Day at the Woodman

Join us in celebrating our veterans on Sunday November 7th, 12-4PM at the Woodman Museum
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Woodman Museum Presents Voices From the Cemetery 2021

See and hear many of The Woodman Museum’s historic characters come to life in their final resting places at 131 Central Avenue, Dover’s Pine Hill Cemetery.
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New Woodman Video Series

The Woodman Museum is making a new effort to provide video online video content for folks to learn more about the Woodman Museum and be able to appreciate the history from the comfort and safety of their home.

We'll keep uploading new videos as time goes on so be sure to check back often!

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About the Woodman

The Woodman, founded in 1916, is a traditional early 20th-century style natural science, history, and art museum with exhibits for all ages. The campus is home to four buildings, which include the Woodman House (1818), the Hale House (1813), the William Damm Garrison (1675) and the Keefe House (1825). The museum’s collection includes hundreds of colonial artifacts; comprehensive mineral, shell and fossil gallery; mounted animal specimens; fine art and furniture; an extensive collection of militaria; local history objects; and much more. The Woodman is open seasonally to the public (from April to November) Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-4pm.

Woodman House

Built in 1818 as the residence of Charles and Annie Woodman, The Woodman House today is a unique example of an authentic 20th-century museum. It now houses the Natural History and Veteran Memorial sections and contains extensive and well-preserved collections of local area interest.

Hale House

The second structure of the four-building campus is the John Parker Hale House. Built-in 1813 by John Williams — the “captain of industry” who started the Dover Cotton Factory in 1812, it became the home of famous abolitionist and U.S. Senator John Parker Hale in 1840.

Damm Garrison

Before the Woodman Institute had even opened its doors, Mrs. Ellen P. Rounds presented the Institute trustees with an authentic colonial garrison, the William Damm house, built in 1675.

Keefe House

Featuring the Thom Hindle Gallery

The Keefe House (1825) features the Thom Hindle Gallery, Robert A. Whitehouse Library, and a carriage house displaying antique horse-drawn carriages and sleighs as well as period tool and bottle collections.

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