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Updated : 3/30/2020

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At the Woodman Museum, the well-being of or guests is always our priority.

Therefore, as of today our Board of Directors has voted to postpone our opening day until it is safe to do so. As everything is in flux, we will continue to monitor local, state, federal, and CDC guidelines, and abide by those. We will continue to update you in the coming weeks as to when it is safe for us to open the Museum.

In the meantime, beginning next week, we are going to present short videos, featuring our galleries, collections and historical stories to share with you from anywhere. These videos will be available on our Facebook page (Woodman Museum) and Instagram page (visitwoodmanmuseum) these new videos will be in addition to our daily history stories and historic photos, that we have been posting seven days a week for several months on Facebook. To enjoy those stories and photos daily, simply like our Facebook page.

In addition, we are creating a new youtube channel that will be available on our website in order to to present longer and more comprehensive videos featuring History, Art, Natural History, and more, within the next 2 weeks. So stay tuned. Finally, as a non profit institution we need your support more than ever, in this difficult time. If you are able to make a tax deductible contribution.

Please see our brand new video section on our YouTube Channel.
Follow this link or click on link under the new video section here on our site. For new videos featuring our history, collections, and art. Each week we will be creating and sharing new video content and posting here and on the Woodmanmuseum YouTube channel.
Please check back often.

If you are able, please mail a check to:
Woodman Museum
P.O. Box 1916
Dover, NH 03820
Or to make a donation online via our website here.

Stay Safe,
David Tompkins
Executive Director

New Woodman Video Series

The Woodman Museum is making a new effort to provide video online video content for folks to learn more about the Woodman Museum and be able to appreciate the history from the comfort and safety of their home.

We'll keep uploading new videos as time goes on so be sure to check back often!

Want to see all of the video's we've made? Visit our Youtube Channel.

About the Woodman

The Woodman, founded in 1916, is a traditional early 20th-century style natural science, history, and art museum with exhibits for all ages. The campus is home to four buildings, which include the Woodman House (1818), the Hale House (1813), the William Damm Garrison (1675) and the Keefe House (1825). The museum’s collection includes hundreds of colonial artifacts; comprehensive mineral, shell and fossil gallery; mounted animal specimens; fine art and furniture; an extensive collection of militaria; local history objects; and much more. The Woodman is open seasonally to the public (from mid-March to mid-December) Wednesday through Sunday, 10am-5pm.

Artist Amanda Raynes Art Show
in the Woodman Museum
Postponed Until a Later Date TBA

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