Celebrating our 105th season!

2018 Members Day

For our 2018 Members Day, the Woodman Museum will be staging an open-house with special guided “member” tours showcasing all the new exhibits and changes in the Hale and Woodman Houses. The taxidermy, scouting and Native American artifact exhibits in the Woodman and the entire first floor at the Hale House have been rearranged,providing a fresh look at over 100 years of collected history. The tours will include updates on additional improvements that will be made for handicap accessibility during the 2018 season.  The open house will double as a membership drive: a reminder to renew your membership for 2018 and an opportunity to bring on board new members. Help support the Woodman’s mission to preserve our local history!

Damm Garrison

Before the Woodman Institute had even opened its doors, Mrs. Ellen P. Rounds presented the Institute trustees with an authentic colonial garrison, the William Damm house, built in 1675.

One of the few remaining Garrison’s in the U.S. Originally located in the back river district of Dover, the Damm Garrison was moved to its present site at the museum and greets visitors as it did over 300 years ago. Today this well preserved structure provides a unique window to our past and displays a collection of over 800 items which illustrate area history. Notable among the many utensils, furniture and tools are iron fireplace cooking utensils, a tavern table, several cradles—including a rare cradle for twins, rope beds and looms.

The Damm Garrison House is physically located beneath a protective white canopy structure. Upon entering, visitors will view the original structure and framework of the home.

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