While You Were Away

A lot of work was done during our offseason. Our largest project was our update of the Foster Gallery on the first floor of the Woodman House. Out with the old wallpaper and in with a new, fresh coat of paint. We also removed the wallpaper from the second-floor Images of Dover Gallery. While doing so, we found some of the original wallpaper from the 1800s! There is now a small display of that wallpaper framed in the room.

We also began testing out new children’s/ family programming this offseason by partnering with Partners In Health to hold our first-ever Nature Journaling Day Camp! We hope to expand our family programming to offer this
class again along with many others throughout the year.

There will be a handful of new exhibits rolling out for this year as well. Over the past few months, the Woodman Museum has received a ton of donated artifacts. Some highlights are A collection from Allie’s Jewelers of Dover (including memorabilia, jewelry-making equipment, and jewelry made in-house), local Knights of Columbus and other fraternal order artifacts, new Cold War artifacts, and a uniform of a local Korean War veteran and pharmacist.
We’ve also expanded our gift shop to include a variety of local-made goods including comic books, snacks, and art/gifts as well as Woodman Museum-themed buttons. We hope our gift shop will be appealing to both local and out of town visitors!

The big year in Dover is finally upon us; It’s the Dover 400th Anniversary Celebration! With that in mind, we at the Woodman Museum are working harder than ever to bring our guests a memorable experience during their visit. New events and programs are rolling out this year that we hope guests of all ages will enjoy. We’ve outlined just a few of the events coming up for the first half of 2023. We hope to see you soon!


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